Recycling Process

We follow various steps for Plastic Recycling and Waste Management Process. From the very first step of collecting the plastic wastage to its disposal, all the procedures are discussed here in brief:-

  • Collecting: We directly collect a number of commercial and industrial plastic wastes on an agreed frequency.
  • Sorting: It is the very first step (manually and automatically). Under this process plastic is sorted with respect to its (types, color and size).
  • Testing: We test the material before and after the recycling process. Material type and color to make sure that it is not mixed (before): Impact Strength.
  • Grinding (Size Reduction): As per this process sorted material size is reduced into small pieces by using high capacity grinder that is able to crush lumps also.
  • Washing: Dirty materials are washed by modern and fully automated washing lines.
  • Palatalizing: It is the end of plastic recycling process. Clean plastic flakes are granulated through extrudes according to their color and type to get the final reprocessed pellets.
  • Production: We have the Know-How and technology to produce high standard products using our recycled materials and thus maintain the high quality of our products.