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Hdpe Granules, Hdpe Dana
“Plastics are easier to fabricate than metal components and require less energy and time for the process and therefore easily adapt to special molds as well.”

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) granules are known for their large strength to density ratio and are extensively used in the production of plastic bottles, corrosion resistance piping, geo-membranes and plastic lumber. Our expert technicians manufacture these granules in advanced machine and production techniques so as to provide high grade product in their various industrial usages. Nidhi also provides HDPE granules customized according to client requirement and specifications. Our granules are widely acclaimed for their quality of:-

  • Moisture
  • Resistance
  • Accurate Composition
  • Effectiveness
  • LLDPE Granules
An overview to

HDPE Granules

HDPE Granules of diverse sorts were available for usage in various industries and commercial purposes. We provide granules in a variety of types, colors, and standards. They’re safe to use. Excellent Density Polyethylene Reprocessed Plastic Granules were highly recognized for their high flame resistance, non-oxidizing character, non-toxic to a degree, chemical stability, and so on. The provided granules are simple to utilize and customize to the clients’ needs, as well as being very convenient to transfer. The HDPE Granules we offer have high mechanical strength, and the granules’ limited branching gives them tensile strength and a greater intermolecular force. They’re simple to work with and designed to get the job done quickly. We are one of the best HDPE Granules manufacturers in India.

Why choose us

HDPE Granules are multi-purpose polyethylene that is employed in a variety of industrial areas for various purposes. These HDPE Granules are acquired from reputable producers and are well-liked by customers due to their excellent quality. Clients may get HDPE Granules at such a low cost from us.

Our recycled HDPE Granules are noted for their robustness, created from high-quality plastic debris. Our Recycled HDPE Granules are used in a variety of sectors. Furthermore, we provide Recycled HDPE Granules for a variety of requirements.

HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene)

A catalytic process produces High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), a linear polymer made from ethylene. Because there is no branching, the composition is much more tightly packed, with better density and chemical resistance than LDPE. HDPE is also slightly more complicated and opaque, and it can tolerate greater temperatures (120°C for brief periods, 110°C constantly). Blow molding of high-density polyethylene is especially ideally suited to bottles, chopping boards, dipping nets, dippers, platters, and barrels.


Granules manufacturer

Give us a call right now if you’re looking for a high-quality global HDPE dana Supplier in India at such a fair price. We are not just India’s leading HDPE Granules manufacturer but also a prominent player in the imported HDPE regrinds market. We work with several HDPE granules suppliers in India and other countries known for providing high-quality, impurity-free, odorless regrinds equivalent to virgin prime regrinds. The recycled HDPE Granules we sell can be utilized to manufacture final items right away.

In India, we are one of the most well-known manufacturers, HDPE granules suppliers, and producers of Recycled HDPE Granules. By appreciating our goods for their excellence, free flow, solidity, improved break, and stress blockage, our customers from many verticals could benefit in various ways.